Do you have any artificial ingredients in your soap?

All of our soaps are made using 100% natural ingredients.  We use mostly clays and powdered plants for our colors and all the smell-goods come from pure, natural essential oils.

Why do you use lye?  Isn’t that harmful?

On its own, yes, lye can definitely do harm to your skin, but it is necessary in order to make soap out of oils and butters.  Most people are surprised when I tell them that commercially available “soap” isn’t actually soap at all, but a detergent!  Our recipes are carefully crafted to be certain that there is no excess lye remaining in our soap.  We even add 5% EXTRA oils and butters to make sure you have moisture added back onto your skin as you wash. 

Why doesn’t the soap I got look exactly like the one on the website?

Since all of our products are hand made without the use of any machinery or computerized parts, the colors, patterns and shape can vary from time to time.  That’s the beauty of handmade!

Why doesn’t your soap smell as strong as other company’s soap?

Artificial fragrances can be VERY strong and definitely last longer in most products.  When I made the switch to essential oils in all my products, I felt the benefits outweigh the loss of fragrance over time.  If you keep the soap in the wrapper until you’re ready to use it, it can hold on to the scent longer.