Meet our Family

Brittney - maker, cleaner, mom.

When we moved to our small family farm in 2015, I knew I wanted to make as many of our household items as I could.  Soap seemed like a good place to start - with our kids being new to farm life, they got as dirty as possible every day!  I began with plain goat milk soap and over time, we expanded to add scrubs, lotion, lip balm and more.  I personally craft each and every product that is ever sold and I don't see that ever changing.

Stephen - builder, heavy-lifter, support system.

Whatever crazy idea I come up with, he is there to support it in any way possible.  He is often sent to the supply store on his way home from work and can frequently be seen bringing me snacks and wine to me in the studio. 

Hartley - idea-haver, dreamer, salesman.

Our oldest is always coming up with new product ideas - I mean ALWAYS.  They aren't all going to work, but I LOVE the creativity he has and his unabashed ability to talk to customers about products.  He came up with an idea when he was 5 to put toys in kids bath bombs.  I loaned him his start up costs, which he paid back within 6 weeks and has been saving money ever since.  So proud of his spirit!

Ridley - helper extraordinaire, tester, soap-saver.

The excitement this little guy has for life is inspiring.  It doesn't matter what task he is asked to do - he does it with eagerness and wants so badly to please us!  he tells me that all the things I make are beautiful and has a bag in his bathroom with one of everything.  It's his collection and he loves to show it off.  He makes my heart smile :)